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Working from Home

Evidence Based Solutions

Our MISSION and passion is

to inspire and guide individuals and families to prioritize prevention and take proactive measures to combat the epidemic of preventable falls among older adults.


With a significant number of seniors experiencing falls each year, it is essential to take steps to prevent these preventable accidents.

Our Home Safety Assessment is a powerful tool for proactive adults to address risks to  aging in place that are hiding in plain sight, and implementing preventive measures. 


By identifying and removing hazards and installing assistive devices, the risk of falls can be significantly reduced, leading to improved outcomes and extending quality of life for seniors... at home.

Implementing meaningful, measured modifications can greatly enhance the quality and extend the time lived safely at home. 


Identifying tripping hazards, installing grab bars near the tub/shower and toilet, adding railings on both sides of stairs, and ensuring sufficient lighting are effective no-cost and low-cost solutions to prevent accidents and promote a safer living environment.
Tomorrow is too late to prevent a fall today.

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