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Preventing Falls in the Home

  • Approximately one-quarter of adults ages 65 years or older fall in their home each year.

  • Many falls result in injury, long-term disability, and premature loss of independence.

  • $50 billion each year is spent on medical costs related to older adult falls. 

  • Falls among older adults often result in severe injuries, requiring extensive medical treatment and in-patient rehabilitation.

  • Financial burdens highlights the importance of implementing preventive measures and interventions to reduce falls and mitigate their associated costs.

  • Nall Hills Home Services is dedicated to extending independent living

  • and helping our community age safely. 

  • Most falls can be prevented. 

  • Let us help you protect your safety and independence. 

  • Former Nationally Registered EMT-B

  • Operational Medicine SME 

Calculating Budget

36 Million falls

in the home 

reported annually 

Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged ≥65 years

One-in-five falls results in a broken bone or serious injury

Adults aged 85 years and older are expected to increase from

2% to 5% by 2050

14 million adults

ages 65 or older

fall each each in the US.

 Falling is not 'just part of aging'Many falls are preventable.

3 million fall-related ER visits annually

 $50 billion spent annually treating fall injuries in adults ages 65 and older.

More than 800,000 hospitalizations

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